Bulgaria VPS - 5 Best & Cheap VPS Hosting in Bulgaria

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Ultimate Guide to Bulgaria VPS Providers: Top Choices for Your Business

VPS in Bulgaria
VPS in Bulgaria

As a VPS server expert, I understand the importance of finding the perfect VPS hosting provider for your needs. In this comprehensive guide, I'll walk you through the best Bulgaria VPS hosting providers, including their plans, prices, and key features. With this information, you can make an informed decision on which provider is best for your business.

Part 1: Comparison of Bulgaria VPS Providers

ProviderCPUMemoryStoragePrice (USD)Link
LightNode12 GB50G SSD$7.71/moLightNodeopen in new window
Bluevps21 GB20 GB$7.99/moBlueVPSopen in new window
VPSBG22 GB50 GB$28.22/moVPSBGopen in new window
AHOST.EUopen in new window11 GB15 GB$7.82/moAHOST.EUopen in new window
VerticHost11 GB10 GB$15.56/moVERTICHOSTopen in new window

Based on the comparison above, LightNode and AHOST.EUopen in new window offers the most affordable Bulgaria VPS plans. If you're on a tight budget, these providers might be your best bet. However, it's crucial to consider other factors such as performance, reliability, and customer support when making your decision.

Part 2: Detailed Overview of Bulgaria VPS Providers


LightNodeopen in new window is a top-ranked VPS hosting provider, offering easy and affordable hosting solutions. They have a wide range of plans and features to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your business. Offer Control Panels and full root access. With its hourly billing and impressive performance, LightNode is an excellent choice for VPS hosting.

History and Background:

LightNode has a solid reputation in the VPS hosting industry, thanks to its rigorous research and development process. They have consistently ranked as the number one hosting service provider in various rankings.

LightNode Bulgaria VPS Hosting Plans and Prices:

CPUMemoryStorageTrafficBilled MonthlyBilled Hourly
1250G SSD1T$7.7/mo$0.012/h
2450G SSD1T$13.7/mo$0.021/h
4850G SSD2T$26.7/mo$0.04/h
81650G SSD2T$50.7/mo$0.0195/h
83250G SSD2T$74.7/mo$0.112/h
163250G SSD2T$98.7/mo$0.147/h


Bluevpsopen in new window is a reliable VPS hosting provider with a focus on offering affordable services. They provide both Linux and Windows VPS plans, giving you the flexibility to choose the right platform for your needs.

History and Background: Bluevps has been in the VPS hosting industry for quite some time and has gained a reputation for providing quality services at competitive prices.

Bluevps Bulgaria VPS Hosting Plans and Affordable Price:

CPUMemoryStorageLINUX PriceWINDOWS Price
21 GB20 GB$7.99/Month$13.99/Month
32 GB30 GB$13/Month$15/Month
44 GB60 GB$25.99/Month$32.99/Month
4*6 GB100 GB$30/Month$34.99/Month
68 GB120 GB$38.99/Month$40.99/Month


VPSBGopen in new window is a Bulgaria-based VPS hosting provider that focuses on delivering high-performance solutions to its customers. They offer a range of plans to suit various needs and budgets.

History and Background: VPSBG has been in the industry for several years and has gained a reputation for providing high-quality hosting solutions to businesses worldwide.

VPSBG VPS in Bulgaria Plans and Prices:

CPUMemoryStorageTrafficPrice (USD)
2250 GB SSD5 TB$28.22/mo
2460 GB SSD5 TB$34.78/mo
4880 GB SSD10 TB$69.57/mo
832200 GB SSD30 TB$213.92/mo
1664400 GB SSD30 TB$427.84/mo

AHOST.EUopen in new window

AHOST.EUopen in new window is a European VPS hosting provider that offers affordable Linux VPS hosting solutions. They provide a range of plans to suit various needs and budgets.

History and Background:AHOST.EUopen in new window has been in the VPS hosting industry for several years and has built a reputation for providing affordable and reliable hosting services.

AHOST.EUopen in new window's VPS Hosting Plans and Prices:

CPUMemoryStorageTrafficPrice (USD)
11 GB15 GB1 TB$7.82/mo
12 GB20 GB2 TB$14.52/mo
14 GB45 GB4 TB$17.85/mo
24 GB45 GB4 TB$22.34/mo
16 GB75 GB6 TB$23.46/mo
26 GB75 GB6 TB$27.95/mo


VERTICHOSTopen in new window is a VPS hosting provider that offers a range of plans to suit various needs and budgets. They focus on providing quality services at competitive prices.

History and Background: VERTICHOST has been in the VPS hosting industry for several years, and they have gained a reputation for providing reliable hosting solutions.

VERTICHOST Server in Bulgaria Plans and Prices:

CPUMemoryStoragePrice (USD)
11 GB10 GB$15.67/mo
44 GB30 GB$43.63/mo
88 GB60 GB$66.05/mo
816 GB150 GB$110.75/mo

FAQs for Bulgaria VPS

1. Why should I choose a Bulgaria VPS?

A Bulgaria VPS is a great choice for businesses or individuals who want to host their websites or applications in a location with excellent connectivity to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Bulgarian data centers typically provide reliable services and high-speed connections at competitive prices.

2. How do I choose the best Bulgaria VPS provider?

To choose the best Bulgaria Virtual Private Server provider, consider factors such as the provider's reputation, hosting plans, pricing, performance, and customer support. Compare the plans and prices of different providers and make sure they offer the resources and features that your project needs.

3. Can I upgrade my Bulgaria VPS plan?

Yes, most Bulgaria VPS providers allow you to upgrade your VPS plan as your website or application grows. You can usually upgrade your plan without any downtime, ensuring a smooth transition as your resource requirements increase.

4. What is the difference between Linux and Windows VPS hosting?

Linux and Windows VPS servers hosting differ primarily in the operating system. Linux dedicated Servers VPS hosting uses an open-source operating system, which is often considered more secure and stable than Windows. On the other hand, Windows VPS hosting uses the Windows operating system, which may be more familiar to some users and can support specific Microsoft applications that are not available on Linux.

5. What is the typical cost of a Bulgaria VPS Server?

The cost of a Bulgaria Servers VPS can vary depending on the provider and the resources offered in the plan. Typically, prices for a basic plan with 1-2 CPU cores, 1-2 GB RAM, and 20-50 GB SSD storage can range from $7 to $30 per month.


In conclusion, there are several VPS providers offering services in Bulgaria with a variety of plans and pricing options. By comparing the providers and plans in this article, you can find the best solution for your website or application. Remember to consider factors such as reputation, performance, and customer support when making your decision.

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