France VPS Hosting: Best and Cheap VPS in Paris, France

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France VPS Hosting: Best and Cheap VPS in Paris, France

Are you looking for a French VPS host, I used a number of French VPS on the market, did a comparison of all aspects, including performance, network, price, comprehensive cost-effective, recommended the following these 5 French VPS.

Top VPS Providers in France

1. LightNode

France VPS LightNode

LightNode provides more than 30 VPS locations in the world. High performance. Global Quality Cloud Servers. Hourly And Monthly Billing.

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LightNode Speed test

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LightNode France VPS Plans and Prices

CPUMemoryStorageTrafficTotal monthly PriceVPS Pay per hour
1250GB SSD1T$7.7/month$ 0.012/hour
1250GB SSD2T$8.7/month$ 0.013/hour
2450GB SSD1T$13.7/month$ 0.021/hour
4850GB SSD2T$26.7/month$ 0.040/hour
81650GB SSD2T$50.7/month$ 0.076/hour
163250GB SSD2T$98.7/month$ 0.147/hour
  • Datacenter Location: Marseille, France

LightNode France VPS pros and cons


  • Pay as you go, Pay by hourly
  • 1 to 2 minutes Turn-on time
  • France Datacenter Location: Marseille


  • Limited payment methods: only supports PayPal, Alipay, credit card, Google Pay, VietQR,virtual currency payment is not supported

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2. Francevps


We are providing high performance KVM VPS server solutions in France.Get VPS at the Paris data center, right in the middle of France. Since 2015, we have provided VPS services from France.

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Francevps Plans and Prices

CPUMemoryStorageMonthly Price
11G15GB SSD$5/month
22G25GB SSD$7/month
44G50GB SSD$14/month
  • Paris, France Server
  • These are 12-month contract prices

Francevps pros and cons


  • Pay 1 month/3 month/6 month/12 month
  • 15 minutes Turn-on time
  • France Datacenter Location: Marseille


  • France Windows VPS is very expensive

3. BlueVPS

bluevps france vps

BlueVPS excels in the hosting arena, providing top-notch VPS and dedicated server solutions, supported by an extensive network of global data centers. Their commitment to performance and reliability is evident, catering to a diverse customer base seeking robust hosting options.

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BlueVPS France VPS Plans and Prices

CPUMemoryRAID-10 hddMonthly Price
2x2.66Ghz1024MB20GB$ 6.99/Month
4x2.66Ghz4096MB100GB$ 24.99/Month
4x2.66Ghz6144MB150GB$ 29.99/Month
6x2.66Ghz8192MB200GB$ 34.99/Month
6x2.66Ghz12288MB300GB$ 44.99/Month

Francevps pros and cons


  • Pay monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annually/Annually/Biennially/Triennially
  • a few minutes Turn-on time


  • No Control Panel


What's the deal with France VPS? Why pick France for my server?

Hey there! So, you're thinking about snagging a VPS in France, huh? Smart move! France is a hot spot because it's smack in the middle of Europe, offering stellar connectivity to both Europe and the rest of the world. Plus, their robust infrastructure means you're getting top-notch performance and reliability. It's like picking a prime downtown spot for your digital storefront!

Is setting up a France VPS gonna break the bank?

Let's talk turkey. Setting up a VPS in France can be as budget-friendly or as deluxe as you want it to be. Prices vary based on the horsepower you need and the perks you want. Think of it like car shopping – from a reliable sedan to a luxury sports car, there's something for every wallet. And with a little research, you can find some sweet deals that won't have you eating ramen for a month.

Will I need to be a tech wizard to manage my France VPS?

Here's the lowdown: if you've got some basic tech chops, you're off to a good start. Most VPS providers offer a control panel that takes care of the heavy lifting, so you won't need to cast any complex spells. But hey, if you do find yourself in a pickle, many hosts offer managed services or have a support team that's like having your own tech wizard on speed dial.

How fast will my site run on a France VPS?

Ready for the fast lane? A France VPS can supercharge your site's speed, especially for visitors in Europe. It's like upgrading from a scooter to a sports car in terms of bandwidth and processing power. Of course, just how zippy it'll be also depends on your specific setup and how well you tune your engine (aka your website and server settings).

Is my data safe on a France VPS? What's the security scene like?

Lock and load! France takes data security seriously, with laws and regulations that protect your digital domain. Most VPS providers in France are like digital Fort Knoxes, offering firewalls, security monitoring, and backups. It's like having your own security detail, ensuring your data stays safe and sound.

If I run into trouble with my France VPS, am I on my own?

Hit a snag? No worries! Most VPS providers in France have got your back with support teams who are like the superheroes of the hosting world. Whether you need help at the crack of dawn or in the dead of night, you can reach out for assistance. It's like having a 24/7 bat signal for tech support.

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