Buy Turkey VPS: 9 Best Cheap VPS in Turkey

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Buy Turkey VPS: 9 Best Cheap VPS in Turkey

Cheapest VPS in Turkey

Hosting ProviderCheapest PlanvCPURAMStorageBandwidthPrice (USD/month)
LightNodeopen in new windowVPS 112 GB50 GB SSD1 TB2.57
Hostingeropen in new windowVPS 111 GB20 GB SSD1 TB1.99
HostPapaVPS Starter21 GB50 GBUnmetered3.99
NatroVPS 111 GB20 GB SSD1 TB2.99
NetinternetVDS-I11 GB20 GB1 TB2.4
dora.netopen in new windowVPS 111 GB20 GB1 TB3.6
TurhostVPS-111 GB20 GB SSD1 TB4.8
HostazorMini VPS11 GB20 GB1 TB3.99 in new windowKVM111 GB20 GB SSD1 TB2.99

LightNode VPS in Turkey

vCPURAMStorageBandwidthPrice (USD/month)
1250G SSD1T$2.57
2450G SSD1T$4.56
4850G SSD2T$8.89
81650G SSD2T$16.9
163250G SSD2T$31.9

Hostinger VPS in Turkey

PlanvCPURAMStorageBandwidthPrice (USD/month)
VPS 111 GB20 GB SSD1 TB1.99
VPS 222 GB40 GB SSD2 TB9.99
VPS 334 GB80 GB SSD3 TB19.99
VPS 448 GB160 GB SSD4 TB39.99
VPS 5616 GB320 GB SSD5 TB79.99

HostPapa VPS in Turkey

Hosting ProviderCheapest PlanvCPURAMStorageBandwidthPrice (USD/month)
HostPapaVPS Starter21 GB50 GBUnmetered3.99
HostPapaVPS Business42 GB100 GBUnmetered12.99
HostPapaVPS Business Pro84 GB200 GBUnmetered49.99

Natro VPS in Turkey

PlanvCPURAMStorageBandwidthPrice (USD/month)
VPS 111 GB20 GB SSD1 TB2.99
VPS 222 GB40 GB SSD2 TB5.99
VPS 324 GB60 GB SSD3 TB11.99
VPS 448 GB120 GB SSD4 TB23.99
VPS 5616 GB240 GB SSD5 TB47.99
VPS 6832 GB480 GB SSD6 TB95.99

Netinternet VPS in Turkey

PlanvCPURAMStorageBandwidthPrice (USD/month)
VDS-I11 GB20 GB1 TB2.4
VDS-II22 GB40 GB2 TB9.5
VDS-IV48 GB160 GB4 TB38
VDS-V616 GB320 GB5 TB76
VDS-VI832 GB640 GB6 TB152
VDS-VII1264 GB1280 GB7 TB304
VDS-VIII1696 GB1920 GB8 TB456

dora.netopen in new window VPS in Turkey

PlanvCPURAMStorageBandwidthPrice (USD/month)
VPS 111 GB20 GB1 TB3.6
VPS 222 GB40 GB2 TB7.2
VPS 324 GB60 GB3 TB13.2
VPS 448 GB100 GB4 TB24

Turhost VPS in Turkey

PlanvCPURAMStorageBandwidthPrice (USD/month)
VPS-111 GB20 GB SSD1 TB4.8
VPS-222 GB40 GB SSD2 TB7.2
VPS-324 GB80 GB SSD3 TB14.4
VPS-448 GB160 GB SSD4 TB28.8
VPS-5616 GB320 GB SSD5 TB48
VPS-6832 GB640 GB SSD6 TB96

Hostazor VPS in Turkey

PlanvCPURAMStorageBandwidthPrice (USD/month)
Mini VPS11 GB20 GB1 TB3.99
VPS Start12 GB50 GB2 TB7.99
VPS Optimum24 GB80 GB3 TB15.99
VPS Plus48 GB120 GB5 TB31.99
VPS Prime616 GB160 GB10 TB63.99
VPS Ultra832 GB240 GB15 TB127.99 in new window VPS in Turkey

PlanvCPURAMStorageBandwidthPrice (USD/month)
KVM111 GB20 GB SSD1 TB2.99
KVM212 GB40 GB SSD2 TB5.99
KVM324 GB80 GB SSD4 TB11.99
KVM428 GB160 GB SSD8 TB23.99
KVM5416 GB320 GB SSD16 TB47.99

Turkey VPS Provider introduction

Hosting ProviderDescriptionYear FoundedCountry PresenceHosting ServicesWebsite
LightNodemore than 30 VPS locations2002Many countries, including TurkeyVPS hostinglightnode.comopen in new window
HostingerWell-known web hosting provider2004Many countries, including TurkeyWeb hostinghostinger.comopen in new window
HostPapaCanadian web hosting company2006TurkeyWeb hostinghostpapa.comopen in new window
NatroTurkey-based hosting company2004TurkeyWeb hostingnatro.comopen in new window
NetinternetTurkey-based hosting provider2006TurkeyWeb in new window
dora.netopen in new windowHosting provider2009TurkeyVPS hostingdora.netopen in new window
TurhostTurkey-based hosting provider2004TurkeyWeb hostingturhost.comopen in new window
HostazorHosting provider2014TurkeyVPS in new window in new windowTurkey-based hosting provider2003TurkeyWeb in new window

There you have it, our top 8 picks for affordable VPS providers in Turkey. Each provider offers a different range of features, so be sure to compare them to find the best fit for your website's needs. With these budget-friendly options, you can enjoy the benefits of VPS hosting without breaking the bank.

Why we should consider buying a Turkey VPS

Turkey is a great location to buy a VPS due to the fact that there are many internet users in Turkey and web services are developing rapidly.

Internet Usage and Growth in Turkey - DataReportal 2021

MetricJanuary 2020January 2021Growth
Internet Users62.10m65.80m+6.0%
Internet Penetration74.0%77.7%+3.7%
Social Media Users54.00m60.00m+11%
Social Media Penetration64.4%70.8%+6.4%
Mobile Connections74.84m76.89m+2.7%
Mobile Penetration89.3%90.8%+1.5%

Turkey's digital landscape continues to grow, with an increasing number of internet users, social media users, and mobile connections. As of January 2021, there were 65.8 million internet users in Turkey, representing a 6% increase from the previous year. Internet penetration stood at 77.7%, and the number of social media users reached 60 million, a growth of 11% from 2020. Mobile connections in Turkey reached 76.89 million, equivalent to 90.8% of the total population. These numbers suggest that Turkey's digital market offers a significant opportunity for businesses looking to expand their online presence.

VPS in Turkey
VPS in Turkey

By using a local server, businesses can enhance local users' access experience and thus gain more business opportunities. VPS hosting can offer high dedicated resources that are not available with shared hosting, which can lead to high speed and better performance. Additionally, VPS hosting allows for greater flexibility in terms of the operating systems and control panels that can be used.

Some VPS plans even offer a choice between Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Cheap VPS plans are available in Turkey, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. VPS servers use virtualization technology to create a virtual machine that can be used for web hosting, with each VPS having its own IP address.

Dedicated servers are also available for businesses that need even more resources.

Overall, Turkey VPS servers offer a great combination of affordability, flexibility, and performance for businesses looking for hosting services

What countries can be covered by servers in Turkey?

VPS providers typically have data centers located in various regions around the world, so they can cover a wide range of countries. As for the specific countries around Turkey that can be covered by VPS, it would depend on the specific VPS provider and where their data centers are located. Generally speaking, VPS providers with data centers in nearby countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Iran may be able to provide VPS services to customers in Turkey and its neighboring countries.

Which countries' servers can cover users in Turkey? How effective are they?

The countries whose servers can cover users in Turkey may vary depending on the hosting provider. However, generally, hosting providers with servers located in nearby countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, and Ukraine can provide effective coverage for users in Turkey. Additionally, some hosting providers have servers in multiple regions, including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, which can also offer effective coverage for users in Turkey.

The effectiveness of the coverage may depend on various factors such as the hosting provider's server infrastructure, network connectivity, and server location. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a hosting provider that has a good reputation and reliable infrastructure to ensure the best possible coverage and performance for users in Turkey.

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